Local Groups

The Liskeard and South East Cornwall Breather's Group has been instrumental in helping to set up additional groups in the south east of Cornwall. We are now talking to health professionals and Health Centres in the west and north of Cornwall with a view to setting up additional groups over the rest of the county.

The other groups currently in existence are shown on the map on the left. If you would like to see if one of these groups is suitable for you, click on the individual marker on the map for a summary of the group's details or click the links below to find additional details about each group. All the groups will welcome you with open arms and provide exercise, the company of similarly affected people who understand what you are experiencing, moral support and advice.

All the groups shown here are affiliated with our group and are using the constitution that was drawn up by six members of this group at its formation. If you would be interested in setting up a group in your area and would like a copy of the constitution, please call or email Joe Barr, whose details are on our Contact Us page.