Looe Breather's Group

We are known as the Looe Breathers and we were formed back in September 2010, with the help of Joe Barr from the Liskeard Breathers. We had backing from our local doctor's surgery and by Christmas 2010 the group had grown to 10 and still increasing.

Over the 2010/11 period we had help with community funding and along the way we had help from Joe Barr, who had committed himself to help the less able in South East Cornwall.

By now, in 2015, our group has grown so we have moved to a larger venue, which is the Looe Millpool Centre. Through donations and club fees (that still remain at £2.00 per session) we are doing very well. We have established a well-formed group with a wide range of ages and dealing with many ailments, from COPD to dementia to just socializing at the end of the exercise session with tea/coffee and biscuits while we all have a chat.

Venue: Millpool Centre, PL13 2AF
Phone: 01503 265947
Time: Tuesday, 1:45pm - 3:45pm

Lesley Burrows (Chairperson)
Phone: 01503 220068